Richard Monson-Haefel is a Natural User Interface and Multi-Touch consultant working on applications in Microsoft Surface and iPhone for a variety of industries. He has been consulting in software since 1994.

Today Richard is currently developing iPhone applications for the Health industry. Earlier this year, Richard was the Sr. Experience Architect at CSG developing and architecting Microsoft Surface applications.

Richard was a Sr. Analyst for Burton Group a technical analyst company. Richard served on the JCP Executive Committee which oversees the JSRs (specifications) developed for the J2SE and J2EE platforms. He also served on the J2EE 1.4 (JSR-151) and EJB 2.1 (JSR-153) and EJB 3.0 (JSR 220) expert groups for the Java Community Process.

Richard was a founder of the Apache J2EE Application Server Project (Geronimo) and the OpenEJB project - an open source EJB container. Richard's proudest achievement was instigating JSR-241, The Groovy Language Specification.